About Us

We are a welcoming place that celebrates individuality and diversity, inspiring older adults to embrace their vitality, optimize their health and well-being, and broaden their horizons.

A dynamic and vibrant community of healthy, happy, healthy and engaged older adults.

At Square One Older Adult Centre, we believe in:
Ownership – our Centre is run by and for our members
Inclusiveness – we welcome a cross-cultural community
Creating a sense of Home – a safe, secure, warm place with a family feeling
A personal approach
Being supportive
Responsiveness – we are nimble
Being pro-active
Openness and being receptive

2017 / 2018 Volunteer Board of Directors

Joan Crews – President
Alice Dods – Past President
Mary Travaglini – Vice President
Kathryn Bielak – Director, Marketing
Faisal Ghanchi – Director, Travel
Maureen Phillips – Secretary
Faisal Ghanchi – Treasurer
Manuel Castellino – Director, Facilities
Nicholas Holmes – Director, Special Events and Fundraising
Catherine Hough – Director, Administration
Narain Motwani – Director, Programs
Dorothy Zadworny – Director, Volunteers
John Kovac – Ex-Officio Director, City of Mississauga, Councillor Ward 4

Linda Salb – Executive Director
Laura Surman – Program Coordinator
Anne Goldspink-Norman – Administration & Facility Coordinator
Karmela Buzdon – Volunteer Coordinator
Samantha Payne, Communications & Events Coordinator
Helen Horner – Saturday Receptionist
Carmelle Riendeau – Saturday Receptionist
Marie Stewart – Saturday Receptionist

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

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